Tucson Wildlife Center Announces 2024 Fundraising Benefit

The Tucson Wildlife Center will hold its 12th annual fundraising benefit, “Born to Be Wild,” at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort on Sunday, Feb. 25.

This annual benefit raises much-needed funds to support the TWC, which was founded in 1998 and is now the only full-service, state-of-the-art wildlife rescue hospital in Southern Arizona. The cost of care for the animals, including food, medicine, veterinary treatment, and supplies approaches $2,000 per day. The center is solely reliant on contributions (or donations) with no federal or state aid. 

TWC services are available 24/7, 365 days a year, free of charge. In the past few

years, all other rehabilitators have closed their doors, so TWC serves all eight counties across Southern Arizona: Pima, Pinal, Gila, Graham, Cochise, Santa Cruz, Greenlee, and Yuma.

Tucson Wildlife Center’s annual benefit funds one-third of the center’s operating expenses, which provides medical and rehabilitation care for around 4,000 injured, orphaned, and sick wild animals from Tucson and surrounding areas with the goal of returning them back to the wild. 

Additionally, TWC-trained staff offers advice via phone or email to those residents that find an orphaned, sick, or injured wild animal. All options are explored before it is determined that the animal should be brought into the center.

Animals come to TWC for a variety of reasons, including:

•  A baby ringtail trapped in construction equipment

•  A coatimundi hit by a car

•  A great horned owl that was poisoned

•  A bobcat kitten found by landscapers

•  Exhausted seabirds blown in on hurricane winds from the Sea of Cortez

•  A red-tailed hawk that suffered an electrical injury on a power pole

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