Tucson Ranks as One of U.S. Most Neighborly Cities

Neighbors can usually make or break a living arrangement. Which is why having good neighbors is one of the decisive factors when choosing where to live. 

According to findings by StorageCafe, Tucson emerges as one of the most neighborly cities in the U.S. ranking at 14th in its latest report.

In order to find the cities and towns that best embody the neighborly spirit, researchers at StorageCafe surveyed almost 11,000 Americans. It based the survey on four pillars of neighborliness: satisfaction with neighbors, sense of community, involvement in community activities and willingness to recommend the neighborhood to others.

Here are the main findings about Tucson:

  • About 71% of Tucson residents report being happy with their neighbors.
  • The city’s spirit of civic engagement is also high, with 53% of people choosing to volunteer, donate to charity or clean up public spaces.
  • 61% of Tucson residents would recommend their neighborhood to other people too. And location is what 46% of respondents said they like best about their neighborhood.

Read the full report together with expert commentary on neighborly communities here: https://www.storagecafe.com/blog/most-neighborly-cities/

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