Tucson Modernism Week is Virtual, Free in November

The 9th Annual Tucson Modernism Week presented by the Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation will be presented November 6th, 7th and 8th on a new virtual platform with events and tours lectures. With support from AZ Humanities, Visit Tucson, Pima County and City of Tucson events are free. 

The 2020 Tucson Modernism Week experience will feature virtual cyber versions of favorite events including a lectures series with nationally recognized architects, authors and historians; a virtual interactive 360 4K mid-century home tour featuring iconic Tucson properties by noted architects and designers including Arthur T. Brown, Judith Chafee and Tom Gist.; downloadable content, including self-guided driving tours of Tucson’s glowing neon signs, commercial corridors and iconic buildings and mid-century neighborhoods; a digital Mod-Cocktail experience; and special online exhibitions curated by University of Arizona’s Museum of Art featuring work of Tucson modernist artists in their permanent collection and important works held in the Creative Centre for Photography collection. All events are designed to engage, educate and offer exploration and discovery of our collective Southern Arizona mid-century history and heritage.

Tucson’s modernism captures the exuberance of the post WWII-era.  Defined in the southern Arizona desert as a movement called ‘Sonoran Modern’, using regional materials and adapting to the desert climate, there is a strong emphasis on an indoor and outdoor lifestyle.  Tucson 

Modernism Week’s program focuses on various perspectives of modern design in Tucson and the surrounding region, and presents a rich variety of examples in architecture through design and the cultural impact it has on the community.


Dates:      Friday, November 6th

                 Saturday, November 7th

                 Sunday, November 8th

Tickets:      Free/All ages – Reserve spacing in advance through the website

Website:      tucsonmod.com        

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