TANK’S Green Stuff Partners with Tucson Village Farm to host ‘Earthday Everyday’ Rillito River Cleanup

TANK’S Green Stuff, a long-standing, local family-owned Tucson business is launching a new community service initiative called TANK’S GREEN&CLEAN. As the first event of this ongoing initiative, TANK’S is partnering with Tucson Village Farm to host the ‘Earthday Everyday’ event on April 24, 2021. This free, family event will focus on trash pickup along the Rillito River as well as educating participants on gardening and sustainability. 

“TANK’S has a passionate, hard-working team, and we want to create fun, safe ways to get outside, work together as a community, and reclaim and revitalize our open spaces,” said Staci Woodward, Director of Community Relations at TANK’S Green Stuff. “We could not have launched this initiative without the Tucson Village Farm and we’re so excited for the first of many GREEN&CLEAN events to come,” Staci said. 

The ‘Earthday Everyday’ event will take place at 4210 N. Campbell Ave. featuring 24 interactive and educational booths, hosted by local partners. In addition to trash pickup, participants will tour the farm, turn compost, plant seedlings, explore the ropes course, create art, and meet Abby Charles, Miss Tucson. 

Snacks will be available for purchase at the new Angel Charity for Children Culinary Education Center. All proceeds will support the TANK’S Green Stuff GREEN&CLEAN Scholarship Fund for Youth Camps at the Farm. In conjunction with the event, TANK’S will also be donating $2,500 to the scholarship fund. 

To remain vigilant about COVID-19 precautions, groups are required to register for a staggered start time, beginning at 9:00 a.m., and arrive at the farm at that time. Masks are required at the event. 

“Our goal is to get people together outdoors to green and clean our community,” said Staci. “We have all been going stir crazy with COVID. TANK’S has great dirt and Tucson has great people, so let’s get dirty and create usable and beautiful open spaces,” Staci said. 

‘Earthday Everyday’ is sponsored by Mrs. Green’s World, Diggens Environmental, and Arizona Party Rental. 

For more information about ‘Earthday Everyday’ and to register for the event, visit https://tucsonvillagefarm.arizona.edu/earth-day-everyday

About the Company 

Jason Tankersley, owner of TANK’S Green Stuff and The Fairfax Companies, has been working for the Tucson community for over 30 years to identify reusable resources, improve recycling practices, sponsor local charities, create organic compost as well as other earth friendly products, and foster alliances across Arizona for a cleaner future. To learn more about TANK’S Green Stuff, visit https://tanksgreenstuff.com

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