StartUp Spotlight: CarbeniumTec

CarbeniumTec enables the green-energy future by developing a new all-organic battery for long-duration energy storage that will provide utility companies a solution to the urgent and growing need for electricity storage without the environmental impacts from mining and refining lithium or other metals.

The startup, stemming from research developed from the UArizona College of Science, has gained support from both Tech Launch Arizona and UACI. “The services provided by UACI, from infrastructure to support on the business side of a company, has been a key asset in our early success and our ability to transition from a university research-based venture to an independent startup.” 

− Thomas Gianetti, Co-founder & CEO

Pictured above from left – Thomas Gianetti, Co-founder & CEO; Jules Moutet, Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer; Phil Lacovara, Co-founder & COO


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