Rio Nuevo Begins Historic Landscape Restoration at Tucson Convention Center

After years of hard work from many community members including Tucson Convention Center, the Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation and the City of Tucson, Rio Nuevo has begun the restoration of the Upper Plaza of the TCC Historic Landscape.

Following months of investigation by the design team and multiple stakeholder engagement opportunities, the Upper Plaza will be restored following the original Garret Eckbo design intent, allowing some modifications to accommodate water harvesting, accessibility and providing safe lighting while maintaining the existing historic features.

With stakeholder input, some plant species will be substituted from the original 1960s plant palette to better tolerate our arid climate, while following the intent of Eckbo’s design. The existing brick pavers are being removed and stored for reinstallation this year as the restoration progresses. 

This is only the first phase of the historic landscape restoration, which in addition to the Upper Plaza will include the Central Plaza and its fountains and the North Walkway with its water features.

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