Region’s New Transportation Improvement Plan Receives Endorsement

Keeping its pledge to the voters who approved the Regional Transportation Authority plan in 2006 has been of paramount importance to the RTA Board and those entrusted with implementing the 20-year regional transportation plan. 

The RTA and its members have delivered more than 880 roadway corridor, safety, transit, environmental and economic vitality improvements to date.

The RTA Citizens Accountability for Regional Transportation Committee recently reviewed and unanimously endorsed the draft RTA FY 2022-2026 financial plan, which is included in Pima Association of Governments’ draft FY 2022-2026 Transportation Improvement Program. 

The RTA financial plan assures that the dollar amount committed by the RTA Board for RTA projects identified in the 2006 ballot will be met for the remaining five years of the plan by using both RTA and regionally dedicated funds that are programmed in the proposed TIP.

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