Raytheon Upgrades U.S. Space Force Early Warning Radars

Raytheon Missiles & Defense has completed significant improvements to the U.S. Space Force’s AN/FPS-132 Upgraded Early Warning Radars in Clear, Ala., and Cape Cod, Mass. UEWRs provide early detection and precise tracking of space objects, to include incoming ballistic missiles, as well as quick classification of threat versus non-threat objects.

The now-fully operational second generation UEWRs include the installation and integration of:

  • New data, signal, display and control processors;
  • The latest information assurance and cyber security protocols;
  • Improvements to the mission application and signal processing software;
  • New network and external communication systems.

“These modifications enable our Upgraded Early Warning Radars to provide better data to our multiple users in the missile defense, missile warning, and space domain awareness arenas,” said Col. Josh Williams, director of the Strategic Warning and Surveillance Systems Directorate.  “Our partnership with Raytheon allowed us to successfully overcome many scheduling challenges associated with operational priorities and the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure these necessary upgrades were fielded.”

UEWR provides information to other sensors in the missile defense network through the battle manager in support of an intercept. In addition, the radars report satellite orbital information to Space Operations Command in support of the Space Surveillance Network.

“Completing these significant upgrades and integration in less than a year – while overcoming a host of pandemic-related challenges – is a true testament to the close partnership between our team, the Space Force and the Air Force,” said Paul Ferraro, VP of Air Power at Raytheon Missiles & Defense. “By helping identify sophisticated threats clearly, at ranges in excess of 5,000 kilometers, these radars serve as a key contributor to the United States’ homeland and regional defense capabilities.”

Through enhanced object classification and tracking capabilities, the UEWR program supports a new missile defense mission that’s been added to the existing missile warning and space surveillance missions of the legacy radars at Clear and Cape Cod Space Force Stations.

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