Raytheon Systems at Heart of Successful Warship Test

The U.S. Navy completed the USS Zumwalt’s (DDG 1000) first live-fire test using a Raytheon Missiles & Defense Standard Missile-2 Block IIIA to destroy a subsonic target off the coast of southern California.

“Today’s successful test not only demonstrates the ship’s capability to fire missiles and conduct self-defense, it is also a significant step toward more advanced combat system testing and operations for our Navy’s most technically innovative warship,” said Capt. Matt Schroeder, DDG 1000 program manager. “The USS Zumwalt crew and Surface Development Squadron One are working hand-in-hand with the acquisition community to advance this ship’s operational capability.”

The test highlighted five Raytheon Missiles & Defense-produced systems, spanning the radar’s detection of the incoming threat to the missile’s interception: 

  • AN/SPY-3 Radar
  • MK57 Vertical Launch System (VLS)
  • Cooperative Engagement Capability 
  • Standard Missile-2 Block IIIA 
  • Zumwalt Total Ship Computing Environment (TSCE) combat system

Under the coordination and control of the TSCE, the mission included several first-ever milestones: firing of a SM-2 Block IIIA from a DDG 1000 ship class; firing from a MK57 VLS; and use of the SPY-3 radar for in-flight support of the SM-2’s upgraded guidance system.  

“From radar detection to missile intercept, our systems were at the heart of this successful test and continue to provide a vital role in defense of ships and sailors around the globe,” said Kim Ernzen, Naval Power mission area vice president at Raytheon Missiles & Defense.

Raytheon Missiles & Defense serves as the prime mission systems equipment integrator for all electronic and combat systems for the Zumwalt program. USS Zumwalt is the lead ship in a class of next-generation multi-mission destroyers. To learn more, click here.

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