Raytheon Missiles & Defense Hits Key Milestone in Glide Phase Interceptor Development

Raytheon Missiles & Defense has successfully completed the Systems Requirements Review – Prototype for the Glide Phase Interceptor. GPI is designed to intercept hypersonic weapons in the glide phase of flight, providing the U.S. and allies with a regional layer of defense against hypersonic missile threats.

“The Raytheon Missiles & Defense GPI concept employs a low-risk solution that uses proven Standard Missile technology already deployed on Aegis ships, while advancing critical technologies needed in the hypersonic environment,” said Tay Fitzgerald, president of Raytheon’s Strategic Missile Defense. “We have a firm understanding of the requirements, and we’re ready to continue GPI development. This is a major step toward delivering this capability to the warfighter.”

The SRR-P determination showcases Raytheon’s experience with ship-launched missiles systems and their ability to mature critical hypersonic technologies that ultimately help meet fleet operational requirements against existing and future threats.

With SRR-P complete, Raytheon Missiles & Defense moves on to preliminary design.

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