PetWellClinic Brings Five Locations to Tucson

PetWellClinic, one of America’s fastest-growing veterinary pet-wellness franchise brands, has announced a new deal to bring five locations to Tucson. The brand’s entrance into the Tucson market comes soon after the state’s first PetWellClinic opened in Phoenix. The latest deal comes at the hands of Dr. Julia Hennagir and James Beard, an animal-loving, husband-wife team with a deep history of entrepreneurship in Tucson.

After being raised as a self-described “country kid,” Hennagir grew up always taking care of animals. Today, she owns Silver Wolf Chiropractic, which she’s run for more than 24 years. Though she mainly works on humans, she additionally helps adjust dogs to help them walk better.

Sharing that passion for entrepreneurship, Beard founded Family Air 17 years ago. With “family” being the operative word of the business, the majority of their family has worked at Family Air at one point or another. Hennagir and Beard plan to carry that same family spirit through PetWellClinic, with their daughter’s longtime interest in the veterinary field lending her to be among the first to sign on to help launch the franchise in Tucson.

“Family is everything to us, and especially with a brand that’s built on the importance of even the smallest family members. We’re thrilled to be able to able to embrace that core value with this new business venture,” said Beard.

When their family dogs suffered unfortunate health issues, Hennagir and Beard were disappointed in the veterinary options available in their community. That’s when they discovered PetWellClinic. Between the brand’s physical transparency and walk-in veterinary services, Hennagir and Beard are eager to open their doors and begin offering the premium care pet owners crave.

“People are already asking us when we’re going to open because they’re ready for a change in how their pets are cared for in the Tucson area,” said Dr. Hennagir. “After visiting a PetWellClinic location, we were immediately drawn to the vet’s kindness toward animals, the efficiency in the process, and the openness of the clinic, especially with a service where too many pet owners are used to animals being taken away from them for the visit.”

With a passion for healthcare of all kinds, Hennagir said she looks forward to learning alongside the associates at PetWellClinic so she can help out wherever it’s needed as they lay the foundation for brand in Tucson. Hennagir and Beard are actively seeking veterinarians and vet assistants to work for a mission-driven company that offers stable hours, with a goal to hire at 15 people across the five locations coming to the area. The exact locations of the new clinics in Tucson are still being finalized.

Each PetWellClinic location utilizes a proprietary veterinary software program designed by Dr. Sam Meisler for seamless clinic processes and to maximize efficiency throughout the day. The locations are designed for complete transparency and openness, so clients can see everything that is happening, from the front of the clinic to the back.

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