Paragon Space Development Corporation Joins Northrop Grumman Gateway as HALO Partner

Paragon Space Development Corporation has announced that it is part of the Northrop Grumman team for the Habitation and Logistics Outpost contract awarded by NASA. According to NASA, the HALO module will be roughly the size of a small apartment and able to accommodate short-duration stays for crews arriving on the Orion spacecraft.  

Paragon is responsible for the design and implementation of the HALO Environment Control and Life Support System. The ECLSS provides a comfortable, shirt-sleeve environment for the visiting crew members during their stay at the Lunar Gateway. This includes maintenance of the air and temperature as well as safe levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide, humidity and trace contaminants. 

In pursuit of these objectives, Paragon will apply decades worth of human spaceflight development experience and leverage key expertise, knowledge and innovations to successfully deliver the HALO module ECLSS. “The HALO life support system is optimized to meet the specific mission requirements established by NASA and Northrop Grumman and it’s going to do so efficiently, safely, and affordably,” said Barry Finger, VP of engineering and chief engineer. 

“We are extremely enthused to be part of this exciting endeavor and we look forward to supporting our Northrop Grumman partner on this important project. NASA’s HALO program is just one more indication – a marker if you will – of America’s vital re-focus on long-duration space and our renewed commitment to human space exploration. The HALO program will provide the precursor to extended missions to Mars, and should be inspiring to all Americans and the world community,” said Grant Anderson, president, CEO and co-founder of Paragon.

Paragon has been a trusted leader in supporting mission critical operations for space, military, and commercial customers around the world for over 28 years. 

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