New Interactive Map to Improve Travel Experience at Tucson International Airport

Navigating Tucson International Airport (TUS) has always been a breeze, but now the travel experience is even more enjoyable. The Tucson Airport Authority has upgraded the interactive map for TUS to allow for wayfinding throughout the airport and surrounding customer facilities.

Accessible through the website, the new map is available in desktop format for anyone interested in planning ahead and a mobile version for visitors trying to locate a specific amenity while they are in the terminal. TAA President and CEO Danette Bewley praised her organization’s commitment to continuously focusing on the needs of TUS travelers.

“This innovative, user-friendly technology not only makes for a more enjoyable experience in our terminal, but it aligns with one of the TAA’s strategic initiatives of upgrading to first-class systems and efficiencies,” said Bewley. “Anytime we can apply what motivates us as an organization internally into a better product for our passengers, the result is a win-win.”

Beyond the terminal, this map includes information and directions for TUS parking facilities, rental cars, and the Global Enrollment Center operated by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. While passengers are inside the terminal, they can browse detailed points-of-interest, including ticket and security checkpoint locations, art galleries, and restrooms, among other amenities. The map also provides easy one-click access to online ordering from various restaurants through the Grab app. Passengers can prepay for their food and pick it up on their way to the gate to save time.

Newcomers to TUS can follow dynamic routing to direction points within the map. This means a passenger can easily maneuver available paths from their arrival gate, through the concourse, down to baggage claim, and outside to their preferred mode of ground transportation. For example, this link shows how someone can map out their arrival at Gate A7 to the rental car facility at TUS.

“Our Warm Welcome Volunteers provide a wonderful service to TUS, but they cannot help every passenger in need at every hour,” said Bewley. “While this new map cannot smile and welcome visitors to the terminal, it can provide helpful information and maintain our excellent level of customer service that TUS is known for among locals and travelers alike. It is especially helpful for those who like to plan ahead or have some extra time at TUS.”

TUS’s dynamic airport map is provided by Atrius, a cloud product brand focused on solutions for indoor wayfinding, energy management, and sustainability reporting. Atrius has partnered with some of the world’s largest airports and airlines including Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, Charlotte Douglas International Airport, London Heathrow Airport, United Airlines, and more.

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