MHC Healthcare Oro Valley Pediatrics Gets Certified as Adolescent-Centered Center

MHC Healthcare has announced that its Oro Valley Pediatrics has successfully completed the Adolescent Champion Model and is certified as a gold adolescent-centered health center. 

The Adolescent Champion Model, developed and facilitated by the Adolescent Health Initiative out of the University of Michigan, is an intervention designed to address a health center’s environment, policies, and practices to ensure that all aspects of a patient’s visit are adolescent-centered. Through the Champion Model, health centers receive guidance on improving their practices, policies, culture, and environment to support adolescent health while also participating in a community of practice with other health centers. Staff also receive training on strategies for being youth-friendly, adolescent brain development, confidentiality, cultural responsiveness and nonverbal communication. 

“Taking on the challenge of the Adolescent Champion Model was an awesome opportunity for our staff and our teen patients at MHC Oro Valley Pediatrics,” said Dr. Carl R. Roberts, medical director of pediatrics for MHC Oro Valley Pediatrics.  “While COVID-19 posed some hurdles along the way, the outcome was well worth the effort.  I believe this practice now achieves a higher level of care and understanding with our adolescent patients with improvements in communication, available services and education.” 

During adolescence, youth experience disproportionately high rates of mental health issues, substance use, sexually transmitted diseases and unintentional injuries that can lead to significant morbidity and mortality. Consequently, the health care needs of adolescents are unique from other patient populations. Young people may avoid accessing the services they need for various reasons including concerns around confidentiality, fear of judgment and inconvenient hours and location.  

Adolescent-centered environments effectively provide comprehensive services for adolescents, ensuring that they feel well-cared for. An adolescent-centered environment is inclusive of, informed by and responsive to the needs and values of adolescents.  

Exceeding within the Adolescent Champion Model, Oro Valley Pediatrics is committed to the provision of excellent, high-quality adolescent-centered care. 

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