Lori Carroll’s New Look Book

By Tara Kirkpatrick

Circle. Square. Balance. Hue. 

These four simple words ingeniously define Lori Carroll’s design legacy; hence, the perfect title for her first book.

“As the title of this book, created during an evening spent with close friends, it has a much deeper meaning, one that represents my philosophies, abilities and attitude toward interior design and life,” the Southern Arizona designer explained in the book’s introduction. 

“Circle Square Balance Hue” is a comprehensive portfolio of Carroll’s body of work across the Sonoran Desert and beyond. Meticulously created over four years, the 94-page book is filled with vibrant photographs of her richly designed spaces and projects over the last two decades – many of which have garnered international and national awards. 

A dazzling sculptural lighting fixture. A fiery, illuminated glass bathroom countertop. An opulently tiled shower. A curved kitchen counter that gives way to a resplendent desert view. They are all captured in luxurious detail in “Circle Square Balance Hue.”

“As I’m getting older, I wanted to document the scope of my work,” Carroll said. “It’s an expression of my work, showing each of my projects and all the detail that went into creating each space. There is so much that goes into each of these projects.”

The book begins with the dynamic living rooms Carroll has designed for clients and then highlights her designs of kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, bedroom suites, outdoor spaces, specialty rooms such as home theaters and showroom garages, and, finally, custom product designs. The collection of images is also a lookbook of the work of many artisans and vendors Carroll has partnered with over the years. 

“I feel very fortunate that, throughout my career in Tucson, I have worked with so many very talented vendors,” she said. “I think my success is not about me, it’s about my contractors and team – everyone who has been so dedicated over the years.”

In each chapter, Carroll pairs the pictures with her design philosophies and personal commentary.

“Bathrooms may be one of the most private spaces of a home, but that certainly doesn’t mean they cannot thrill with captivating design elements or the relaxing cadence of a spa-inspired haven,” Carroll wrote in the chapter Bathroom Bliss. “I love focusing on this smaller, but significant area of the home and working through the design challenges that demand the space to be at once comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, but also highly functional.”

Regarding bedroom suites, “although the bed is generally the focal point, I like to look to other key areas in a bedroom to accentuate,” she wrote. “Maybe it’s the warmth of a statement fireplace surrounded by a composed seating vignette, or the wonder of a spectacular view that beautifully invades the room, acting as its own artwork.”

“There is a lot of attention to detail in this book,” Carroll said. “The more you look, the more you see. Sometimes, people have a hard time mixing materials and textures, but what you’ll see is that it makes for very personalized spaces.”

The book has already sold out of its first press run and for Carroll, it’s now the perfect calling card for her new clients. “It’s the best way of presenting what I’m about.”

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