President & CEO, TMC HealthCare

Chair of the Board – Sun Corridor Inc.

What are some of the ways you have seen collaboration between the various economic development partners improve over the last several years?

We know we are stronger when we work together. We see across the country that turf battles cannot happily co-exist with a successful, thriving and healthy community. We have to avoid squabbles at all costs if we want to continue our success. Our strength lies in our collective good work. 

Which economic development “victories” over the years have had the most impact on your business and why?

The notable successes which have impacted all of us greatly were the establishment of Raytheon’s new headquarters here, the attraction of Caterpillar in 2016, TuSimple’s technology advancement and multiple expansions, and many others, large and small. Every new job results in a stronger economy and more money circulating in our community, benefitting us all.

What are some issues that you think need more or better collaboration and how would you begin to address those?

It’s really important to speed up timelines to fix our roads. Also, it’s critical to leverage the federal dollars becoming available soon to achieve big goals in shoring up aging infrastructure, connecting growth corridors, and other priorities of the City of Tucson, Pima County and Tucson International Airport.

Two of the top focus areas in the Pivot Playbook recovery plan are infrastructure and talent acquisition. Within those two focus areas, what are the most pressing issues for your organization and what can your organization do to address those?

Here at TMC, we are laser-focused on talent attraction and retention of doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals. The pandemic was very tough on our caregivers. We have a robust talent strategy and are doing everything we can to keep them. A strong, healthy, and vibrant community is critical to us as we recruit talent from all over the country.

In what ways can you, as a member of the Sun Corridor Inc. Chairman’s Circle, contribute to continuing the momentum that has been generated in the region in recent years?

Local business leaders have to be very aware of the role we play as economic engines for this region. At TMC, we specifically support teacher development, training future physicians and nurses, workforce investment efforts, and building upon the region’s strengths in biosciences. Economic growth can live in a place that celebrates kindness, that is inclusive, and that doesn’t leave the vulnerable behind. I see remarkable things for the future of this region.

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