Ian McDowell 

VP & Tucson Regional Director
Sundt Construction Inc.

If you were to be asked by a site selector, what is the best part of doing business in Tucson, what are the areas you would highlight?

When a company commits to Southern Arizona, they are going to feel the love. We throw our support behind the companies that choose our community. This support comes from municipal agencies, elected officials, the business community, and even the local population. One of my favorite stories about Caterpillar moving to town was how they described being embraced by the community. Caterpillar employees displaying the company logo would talk about getting stopped in the grocery store just to be asked how they were liking the area. People in the region understand and appreciate the positive economic impact companies make when they choose Southern Arizona.

What are some of the emerging trends in your industry that could have an impact locally on site selectors looking at the Tucson region?

The Tucson region has been blessed with many substantial construction and infrastructure projects over the last decade. This surge of significant projects over the last several years has equipped our workforce to deal with buildings that are larger and more complex. This reaches from general contractors all the way down to our subcontracting community and our key suppliers. With the concentration of advanced technology and aerospace projects in the region the work we have accomplished is very advanced. If you have a big project, chances are we have built something here similar to the size and complexity you are contemplating. Our industry is poised to meet the needs of companies looking to expand. 

Aside from the areas you would highlight to a site selector, what are you most optimistic about for the future economic development in the region?

Collaboration with local government continues to be a bright spot as we look to bring companies into the region. Everyone is willing to put in the work to make new and expanding companies successful. There have also been tremendous efforts by both the University of Arizona and Pima Community college to adapt their education curriculums to meet the needs of companies so that the pipeline of available employees is strong. It is also a great place to live, and a place people want to be. Between the food, the scenery, the culture and the sunshine the quality of life in Southern Arizona is incredible. All that and we are still more affordable than many other areas. The combination of community support and the inherent benefits of living in this region make me optimistic for future of economic development.


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