GUEST COLUMN: Anti-Semitic Attacks Cannot Be Tolerated

By Tony Penn

Recent anti-Semitic attacks on members of the Jewish community in Tucson, in particular the vandalism on two synagogues, are vile and have no place in our community.

United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona condemns these acts of hate and stands with our Jewish brothers and sisters in solidarity. We have seen acts of hatred and violence against synagogues and our Jewish friends across the nation rising, and we stand determined to put an end to these attitudes, behaviors and activities. Only by reaching out to each other and holding each other up can we overcome these divisive acts, and we intend to do just that as we continue to build a thriving and equitable community by uniting people, ideas, and resources.

We lift up our friends, neighbors and families in the Jewish community of Tucson and Southern Arizona now and always.

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