GrowersHouse a Leader in U.S. Cannabis Cultivation

With sales at $17.5 billion, the U.S.-based legal cannabis industry is a huge industry which is growing exponentially.  Behind all of this new business is a highly specialized industry – the equipment supply and expertise that it takes to build a successful grow operation. Enter GrowersHouse – one of the largest companies headquartered in Tucson and one of its best kept secrets.  

Headquartered in an industrial district near downtown, GrowersHouse is the largest e-commerce led hydroponics and indoor gardening supplier focused on cannabis cultivation in the U.S.  Founded by father and son team Paul and Nate Lipton in 2011, the company has grown from a 1,000 sq-ft location in a strip mall on Valencia Rd. to a 40,000 sq ft warehouse facility with a new 2,700 sq-ft retail store, all while having the leading website and online platform in this specialized industry.  On any given day, large Fedex trailers are filled with supplies for both home and professional growers in the U.S. and worldwide. 

The new store is a grower’s paradise, filled with grow tents, hydroponic kits, irrigation systems, LED lights, nutrients, soil and an extensive selection of equipment and supplies – every detail for successful growing for the amateur and the professional.  “We pride ourselves on our customer service team, most of whom are growers themselves.  They love to help customers through the process” said Nate, who is also the host of Canna Cribs, the most popular YouTube series on cannabis cultivation. 

Nate and his team created Canna Cribs to put a spotlight on the largest, most sophisticated cannabis cultivation operations in the country. Nate guides viewers through every step of the process so they can see how the plants they consume are grown — before they arrive at dispensaries in retail form, such as trimmed buds, vapes and edibles. It’s similar to Discovery Channel’s “How It’s Made” series but focused on cannabis. The series has about 10 million views and 125k+ subscribers as of this month.  

To that end, grow classes at the retail store/warehouse will launch this month.  Designed for the beginning grower, they will cover such topics as Tent Growing, Proper Irrigation and Nutrients, Harvesting, Making Edibles, etc.   

The first class “Growing Legally 101” will take place on April 17th at the warehouse (34th St and Alvernon) from 11am to 1pm. The class will be conducted by Jimmy and Bruce from Seed2Sail, who are highly regarded experts with 15 years growing experience.  Space is limited and all attendees must wear masks.  Cost to attend is $4.20 per person. 

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