GermFree Offers Science-Based Disinfection Program for Businesses

GermFree, a Tucson-based health services company, introduces a science-based disinfection program featuring electrostatic spray technology designed to stop the spread of disease-causing germs.

“The COVID pandemic has fundamentally changed our idea of cleaning for appearance, toward a priority of cleaning for disinfection and infection prevention,” said Doug Airulla, co-owner of GermFree.

“When used properly, disinfectants work extremely well in eradicating viruses; however, they require frequent reapplication to remain effective. That is often not practical or cost-effective,” Airulla said. GermFree’s comprehensive infection prevention program is designed to kill illness-causing bacteria, spores, viruses, and superbugs. The process features a hospital-grade disinfectant that is friendly to the environment and gentle to the human body.

Electrostatic sprayers are then used to apply an EPA-approved, antimicrobial shield that protects high touch surfaces for up to 90 days. As a companion service, GermFree’s infection prevention certification program provides business owners with a custom set of health and safety protocols, as well as, assistance in training employees with the implementation.  

A successful implementation monitored by GermFree is required for official certification and recognition of the business on the GermFree website, as well as, promotional materials that include in-store signage confirming compliance.

“My goal as a healthcare professional is to alleviate the business owner or manager’s concerns with understanding and implementing health safety guidelines that keep employees and customers safe,” said James Titone, MPAS-C and co-owner of GermFree.

GermFree has partnered with Akrum Tamimi, a professor of practice at the University of Arizona Department of Biosystems Engineering. Tamimi is the chief technical officer for GermFree and has an extensive background in the research of microbial disinfection.

“We are actively doing our own research, finding new methods to reduce risk and maintain microbial reduction in the environment that lead to infection,” Titone said.

GermFree’s mission is to create a healthier community by eliminating viruses and bacteria from the places we work, play, learn, eat, and sleep.

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