FreeFall 5G’s Innovative Antenna System Unveiled at MWC Los Angeles

FreeFall 5G Inc., a UAVenture Capital-backed company, has announced its innovative FreeStar5G mmWave Advanced Antenna System is being unveiled at MWC Los Angeles this week in the South Hall, Stand 1443, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. 

Powered by Electronic Design and Development Corporation technology, the patented FreeStar5G mmWave Advanced Antenna System is positioned to accelerate high bandwidth deployment with its low-cost, low-profile, low-power consumption capabilities of achieving long-range distances.

“The 5G industry coalesced around phased-array technology years before any applications were actually tested in the field, because the silicon providers were way out front,” said Alex Rodriguez, president and CEO of FreeFall 5G Inc. “But once field deployments started being tested it became dramatically clear that existing solutions are complicated, power hungry, expensive and difficult to manage. We believe the FreeStar5G mmWave Advanced Antenna System will simplify and accelerate 5G mmWave deployments given our solution is easier to build, easier to deploy, less expensive, less power hungry and extremely flexible.

The FreeStar5G mmWave Advanced Antenna System is simple-to-install and provides omni-directional beam-pointing in nano-seconds to support numerous use case requirements ranging from commercial 5G cellular networks to defense, and more. Designed for high volume manufacturing, the unit contains no moving parts and delivers ultra-low latency. 

The system represents unique OpEx and CapEx opportunities for the wireless network. The small, lightweight, powerful and omni-directional mmWave antenna is only 23 inches tall, 27 inches diameter and under 30 lbs. with a range of over 5,000 meters in every direction. The antenna passed all the Part 30 standard tests performed by Cetecom with final FCC Certification anticipated anytime.

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