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At La Encantada

Volvo Cars Tucson will unveil at its new flagship sedan – the S90 – on Sept. 17 at La Encantada on the valet circle on the upper level. The free open-to-the-public party features music, food, chats with experts – even test drives of the S90. 

The S90 features the second- generation Pilot Assist technology. This is the only vehicle in the United States with semi-autonomous driving technology as a standard feature. The car will assist steering, acceleration and deceleration as well as braking up to 80 mph on command. 

In addition to Pilot Assist, the 2017 S90 comes with adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, forward collision warning, blind-spot warning, pedestrian detection, lane- keeping assist and large animal detection. 

Motor Trend magazine said the 390 “Balances agility with comfort and refinement, making it a great all-around midsize luxury sedan.” The S90 offers displays premium comfort and an engaging on-road experience.

Volvo Cars Tucson is one of two auto dealerships owned by the DiChristofano family. The family has been in the automotive sales and service business in Tucson since 1972 when Rocky and Mike’s father Frank moved to Tucson to open Wigglesworth Volvo. 

For more information regarding Volvo Cars Tucson’s S90 Unveiling Event at La Encantada, located at 2905 E. Skyline Drive, 

contact Tonya Pike at (520) 296-7678.

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