Devon Underwood

Founder & Principal

The Talent Store

Tucson Young Professionals

Tucson Metro Chamber

Devon Underwood is the founder and principal at The Talent Store, a recruiting services and talent strategy firm, and also serves on the executive committee for Tucson Young Professionals and the board of the Tucson Metro Chamber.

She has provided executive search, recruiting and talent acquisition strategy consulting for clients in 40-plus states for 15 years.  

“Tucson has such an incredible opportunity in front of it to lead in inclusion, innovation and placemaking,” Underwood said. “We are the right size to take smart risks, move more quickly than larger cities, get new and innovative voices at our tables. This is a beautiful place that makes you want to step outside and look up. We are on our way to attracting the talent that will carry us forward. The status quo will not get us there.”

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