Critical Path Institute Names Kristen Swingle as President

Critical Path Institute has announced that its COO and Interim President, Kristen Swingle, has been named COO and President, effective immediately. Swingle has filled the interim role since 2021, stewarding C-Path through growth and innovation, including the establishment of multiple national and global programs, a new European entity, a 50% staff increase, and a 90% increase in revenue.

Swingle, a leading voice in the Arizona bioscience community with two decades of experience in the medical and molecular sciences, has served as COO since July 2019, leading C-Path’s daily operations along with the development and implementation of its global strategy. Furthermore, she has served as chairwoman for the AZ Bio Board of Directors for nearly five years and is a member of Women Business Leaders of the U.S. Health Care Industry Foundation.

“The board recognizes the importance of this decision, as it represents its commitment to make deeper investments in C-Path’s leadership knowing that we are moving into very exciting times,” said C-Path Board Chairman Wainwright Fishburn. “The phenomenal momentum and traction over this last period of high growth for C-Path has a lot to do with the role Kristen has played. We have every confidence in her, and our incredible C-Path staff, as we take on the complex work ahead to support the great opportunities before us.”

“I thank the board for this opportunity. I am incredibly honored to serve as president during a time of important and significant expansion of C-Path’s programs,” Swingle said. “My commitment to C-Path is always amplified by working with our dedicated and experienced executive leaders and staff — they are the driving force for C-Path’s success. I look forward to continuing to build on C-Path’s strengths and core competencies alongside my talented team.”

“Kristen has proven to shine in times of growth and change, and is a recognized leader with broad life science experience who has done a tremendous job leading C-Path operations,” said founding Board Member and Vice-Chairman Jeffery E. Jacob. “The board continues to work closely with Kristen, Chief Science Officer Dr. Klaus Romero, Chief Financial Officer Kevin Perkins, and the executive team, to advance C-Path’s mission to improve the medical product development and regulatory process to benefit patients worldwide.”

The institute and its board have carefully deliberated its most advantageous steps forward to sustain the exponential growth it has undergone in the last three years, and anticipates announcing a new CEO this fall. “I look forward to partnering with our new CEO as we pursue C-Path’s ambitious agenda ahead,” Swingle said.

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