Catalina Foothills, Oro Valley Named Tops for Remote Work

Dwellics, an authority in U.S. city data and personalized advice on where to move, has unveiled the 2022 Report, Top 100: Best Cities to Work Remote in 2022.  

The report reveals several surprising trends, including Arizona exceeding all other states in America by scoring three of the top ten positions on the list and six of the top twenty. Arizona cities claiming their spots among the best places to work remotely in America include:  

  • Catalina Foothills, Ariz. (#2) 
  • Tempe, Ariz. (#9)  
  • Tanque Verde, Ariz. (#10) 
  • Goodyear, Ariz. (#12) 
  • Chandler, Ariz. (#13) 
  • Queen Creek, Ariz. (#16) 
  • Oro Valley, Ariz. (#21) 

The report analyzes over 50,000 cities in the United States on critical factors, including areas with the highest internet speeds, best climate comfort (temperature and humidity), human safety (natural disaster risks, crime, water quality, cancer rates), infrastructure (outdoor activities, distance to nearest airport, government spending, housing cost stability), and finances (property taxes, income taxes, cost of living index, and housing costs). 

According to another report recently released by Upwork, the world’s largest work marketplace, an estimated 14-23 million U.S. households intend to move in 2022 – an emerging migration pattern resulting from the growing acceptance of remote work amid the pandemic. Remote work has fundamentally changed the lives of U.S. workers, and now that change is extending to where workers plan to call home.

Notably, the Upwork report finds that the largest cities will likely experience a considerable exodus of workers who can choose to work from anywhere – more than 20% of respondents who are planning to move currently reside in large cities; almost 55% are planning to move more than two hours away from their current location, making a traditional daily commute unlikely. With commute time and distance no longer a factor, workers are free to consider moving to smaller cities that rank highly in other areas like infrastructure and human safety.

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