Brendan Lyons

Executive Director

LOOK! Save a Life

2020 Flinn-Brown Fellow

Tucson Young Professionals

Emerging Leaders Council 

Brendan Lyons holds a master’s degree in public administration, focused on collaborative governance, from the University of Arizona. As a firefighter responding to what he considered far too many vehicle crashes,  Lyons became concerned about distracted driving. In 2009, he launched the nonprofit LOOK! Save A Life to create awareness. A year later, he became a victim of the very problem he fought. During his recovery, he continued to work with local and state politicians to get tougher laws against distracted driving passed. With overwhelming bipartisan support, in 2019 Gov. Doug Ducey signed Arizona’s Hands-Free, Distracted-Driving Law. 

Lyons is a 2020 Flinn-Brown Fellow, a member of Tucson Young Professionals and a member of the Tucson Metro Chamber’s Emerging Leaders Council. 

“My vision for Southern Arizona is one where we bring back jobs and support public/private partnerships that contribute to our economy,” Lyons said. “My vision includes improving a quality education that paves the way for Southern Arizona to thrive.  My vision supports our public safety, where we need to do a better job of protecting those who protect us. And lastly, my vision for Southern Arizona is to improve our roads and build up our infrastructure with Arizona’s future in mind.”

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