Award-Winning Sonoran Wines Releases New Vintage

Sonoran Wines has announced the release of its newest vintage, the 2020 Mourvèdre red. This limited boutique bottle production is 100% estate grown in Southern Arizona and marks the first release of this varietal for Sonoran Wines. 

“We’re thrilled to release our first-ever Mourvèdre Red and share it with wine enthusiasts in Arizona,” said Lisa Wagenheim, a partner in Sonoran Wines. “Our unique location, mineral-rich soil, and climate have allowed us to produce an exceptional wine that truly reflects the spirit of the Sonoran Desert.”

In addition to the release of the new Mourvèdre, Sonoran Wines recently received six award medals from the Arizona Republic Arizona Wine Competition, including Gold for its 2018 Real de Terrenate.

“We’re honored to be recognized by the Arizona Republic,” said Demion Clinco, a partner in Sonoran Wines. “It underscores our commitment to creating best-in-class wines that people love.”

Founded on a deep connection to the history and heritage of Arizona, Sonoran Wines is located along the edge of a winding desert greenbelt, spanning the banks of Turkey Creek as it meanders from the base of the Chiricahua Mountains into the sprawling valley below. The unique location, soil, and climate create the perfect environment for growing exceptional grapes and producing world-class wines.

“Every decision we make is carefully considered to achieve the best wine possible,” said Clinco. “Our vineyard was carefully chosen for its environmental qualities and its deep connections to the history and heritage of Arizona.”

Sonoran Wines is proud to continue the legacy of Arizona winemaking, which dates back to 1687 with the arrival of Italian missionary Eusebio Francisco Kino, who brought the first grape vines to the region that were planted in the gardens of the missions of the Sonoran Desert in what ultimately became Arizona.

Sonoran Wines is a partnership of individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences, including hospitality, restaurants, events, science, law, and heritage. Their team of experts in Arizona agriculture, viticulture, vinification, and development strive for the highest possible quality, consistency and flavor.

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