Accelerate Diagnostics Launches New Solution for Fast Sepsis Testing

Accelerate Diagnostics, Inc. has announced the launch of a new IVD configuration of its Accelerate PhenoTest® BC kit in the United States. With this launch, the company now provides two solutions for fast sepsis testing.

The new configuration provides fast antimicrobial susceptibility testing results in approximately seven hours direct from positive blood cultures and is designed to run on the Accelerate Pheno® system as a flexible solution for laboratories that already have a rapid identification system. 

This is an important new option for the company’s existing FDA-cleared Accelerate PhenoTest BC kit, which already had an ID/AST configuration that provides a fully integrated solution for labs needing both fast identification and fast AST. 

The Accelerate Pheno system has been proven to deliver significant improvements in clinical outcomes including time to results, time to optimal therapy, duration of therapy and hospital length of stay.* Last week, the company announced results from a new landmark multicenter study highlighting the real-world clinical benefits of fast phenotypic AST for bloodstream infections across diverse healthcare settings and patient populations.  

“This product expansion provides new options for customers to access the proven benefits of our fast susceptibility testing,” said Jack Phillips, CEO of Accelerate Diagnostics. “Overall market feedback has been positive, especially from customers who already have a rapid ID system but who still need fast susceptibilities to support getting patients on the right therapy as soon as possible. Based on the strong interest we are seeing, together with improved customer access, we believe this new AST configuration will drive our sales funnels, Pheno placements and future revenues.”

The new AST configuration is also expected to be released in Europe, the Middle East and Hong Kong later this summer.

Accelerate Diagnostics, Inc. is an in vitro diagnostics company, with headquarters in Tucson, dedicated to providing solutions for the global challenges of antibiotic resistance and sepsis. The Accelerate Pheno® system and Accelerate PhenoTest® BC kit combine several technologies aimed at reducing the time clinicians must wait to determine the most optimal antibiotic therapy for deadly infections. 

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