$5,000 Social Impact Prize to GraphLock

United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona presented its first ever $5,000 Social Impact Prize to GraphLock, a patent-pending and affordable calculator app created to support equality in math education.

The app turns a student’s smartphone, tablet or laptop into a fully functioning scientific and graphing calculator, eliminating the need for students to buy the expensive calculators required in high school and college math classes.

Mallory Dyer, the founder and CEO of GraphLock and a math professor at Central Arizona College, accepted the prize at the TENWEST Festival in October.

“As a math professor, I witnessed many of my students could not afford the required calculator, and I couldn’t stand seeing them struggle, drop and fail the class,” Dyer said. “This created inequality in my classroom.”

The app includes a lockdown mode that prevents students from accessing other phone functions (internet, texting, etc.) and that teachers can start and stop during class or exams.

GraphLock has launched a crowdfunding campaign through IndieGoGo. Donors can either pre-order the app for $5 or donate $5 to fund a free download for a low-income student or school.

For more information about GraphLock, visit www.graphlockapp.com.

About United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona

United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona is working to advance the common good, creating opportunities for a better life for all by focusing on the three key building blocks of Education, Income and Health. United Way is dedicated to creating long lasting community change by addressing the underlying causes of the most significant issues. Our focus areas include: helping children and youth achieve their potential, promoting financial stability and independence, and improving people’s health. To live united is to bring TOGETHER the collective power of people to achieve great change. If a difference is to be made, we will make it as one. For more information about United Way, please visit unitedwaytucson.org and www.facebook.com/unitedwaytucson.

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