390th Memorial Museum to Display Newly Conserved A-2 Flight Jackets

The 390th Memorial Museum will feature a display of newly conserved A-2 flight jackets from its extraordinary collection and a presentation by museum curator Mae Casey.

The event will be held Saturday, May 15 from Noon to 12:30 p.m.

Eight jackets will remain on short-term display in custom-made cases on the mezzanine that overlooks the B-17, I’ll Be Around. New jackets will be rotated onto display every three to four months. 

The 390th Memorial Museum will also have two unique jackets out for temporary display. These two jackets went through the conservation process but are not stable enough to be displayed. It’s a singular opportunity to view these treasures before they are permanently returned to their protected space.

“These jackets tell the story of the men of the 390th Bombardment Group who wore them so proudly nearly 80 years ago,” said Errin Mendibles, the museum’s director of communications . “These historical objects meant the world to us so we take their care very seriously. We know how lucky we are to have them and we are honored veterans and their families have entrusted their preservation to us. 

“With almost 40 A-2 flying jackets in our possession, we have one of the largest collections in the country. Not many people realize these treasures are sitting here in Tucson,” Mendibles said.

“It’s our pleasure and privilege to be chosen as the permanent caretakers of these jackets,” said Casey. “It is not a responsibility we take lightly. What these jackets represent and the stories they tell are priceless. We’re so excited to share them with our patrons!”

For more information on the May 15 event, please visit 390th.org/unveiling or the museum’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/390thMMF

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