• Photo of Lute Olson

    Lute Olson

    A Legend in Basketball and Life By Steve Rivera At a recent function, Lute Olson’s players were given two minutes…

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  • Photo of Gerald Swanson

    Gerald Swanson

    By Tara Kirkpatrick Gerald Swanson, a beloved University of Arizona economics professor, bestselling author, sought-after business speaker, husband, father and…

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  • Photo of Bobby Sharpe

    Bobby Sharpe

    Visionary Founder of Rancho Sahuarita By David Pittman Robert “Bobby” Sharpe, a legendary businessman who founded and developed Rancho Sahuarita,…

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  • Photo of Remembering Ken Flower

    Remembering Ken Flower

    By Mary Minor Davis ‘A Legacy of Giving and Laughter’ There are few people in life that have the ability…

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  • Photo of Donald R. Diamond

    Donald R. Diamond

    By David Pittman A Powerful Force for Good’ The life of Donald R. Diamond – an immensely successful and influential…

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  • Photo of Karl Eller

    Karl Eller

    By April Bourie ‘Consummate Team Player & Tremendous Leader’ “Integrity Is All You’ve Got” is the title of the book…

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  • Photo of Ann Blackmarr

    Ann Blackmarr

    By Mary Minor Davis and Donna Kreutz Patron of the Arts In April, Tucson lost a beloved and devoted patron…

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  • Photo of Truly Nolen Unveiled

    Truly Nolen Unveiled

    By Lee Allen Following in his father’s footsteps, Truly David Nolen opened his first pest control company in Tucson in…

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  • Photo of Pete Herder

    Pete Herder

    By Roger Yohem – Legendary Builder Had a ‘Servant’s Heart’ For a man who had friends in very high places,…

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  • Photo of John McCain

    John McCain

    By Rhonda Bodfield – An Inspiring Force Whether you agreed with him or not, people respected U.S. Sen. John McCain…

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